Trim Check


The trim check allows checking and adjusting of all line lenght in the best possible way. Our focus lies on the very precise trimming of the glider.

Without this regular professional check of all lines the well balanced trimming of all gliders (irrespective of the manufacturer) will naturally decline with time and use of the glider. A change of the line lenght can have a serious impact on the savefety, performance and handling of the glider.

Many pilots simply do not know that a bad starting behaviour for example, or a change in extreme flight behaviour can be traced back to a wrong trimming. After a precise trimming correction the pilot will appreciate the tremendous improvement in the flight behaviour.

We are trimming your glider with a modern digital laser measurement method. This measurement method allows highest precision and exact results.

After digital measurement we trim your glider according to the data in the check protocoll. We will send you the check protocoll with your glider, to help you understand our trim corrections.

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