Rescue parachute repacking


Rescue parachute repacking

To ensure your safe landing in case of emergency, your rescue parachute needs to be repacked every 6 month. Humidity and Dust can enter your rescue device during normal flight operations.

Our repacking service includes:

We ventilate and professionaly pack your round, double and cruciform rescue parachute. 24 hours for ventiation is a must! We check if your resue system is airworthy and has not exceeded the expiration date.

Should the rescue parachute come with the external container or harness, we will also check the opening behaviour and the required pulling force. We will have a look at the conditions and functioning of the inner and outer container. The parachute will then be carfully inspected for material fatigue, such as cuts or lenght changes of the suspension lines.

We use new rubber band for packing and pack according to producer instructions. In the given packing and check manual we record the check or provide you with a new manual if not at hand. In case of any abnormality we will get int touch with you for further procedure.


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