Compatibility Check


Compatibility Check

Due to a high number of various harness container designs it requires professional checking of the compatibility of your integrated rescue device. Not every rescue parachute can be integarted according to safety standards into the harness outer container in the same way.

The compatibility check is required when combining a harness with the rescue parachute for the first time.

The following steps are part of the compatibility check:

  • Check test data of the rescue parachute and harness to match the requirements of the pilot
  • Professional installation of the rescue parachute
  • Valuation of compatibility power
  • Trial Compatibility Check
  • Professional reinstallation of the rescue parachute
  • Record of the compatibility check in the packing and checking manual of the rescue system

The compatibiltity check is intended to guarantee that the compatibility of the rescue parachute can be carried out safe and effortlesly under all given circumstances (preferred seating position of the pilot in the harness, biometric parameter such as arm lenght and power of the pilot).

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