Flymaster GPS Firmware 1.05h

Size201 KB
Create Date15. October 2014
Last Updated26. May 2015
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  • Added "Delete all flights" option to Flight Log.
  • Added "Best Glide Ratio Speed" field (using TAS).
  • Added capability to offset TAS to allow placement compensation.


  • New option in Critical Airspace menu allows selectively disabling an Airspace.
  • Heading data field now display cardinal direction instead of degrees, i.e. N, NE etc.


  • New MOB (man over board) function.
  • New Extended FAI Triangle.
  • Several stability fixes.


  • Waypoint sizes can now be configured on route.
  • Ouput of flight data with C records now ignore the takeoff point.
  • Critical Airspace menu now shows the number of airspace objects in internal memory


  • Autozoom Einstellungen können nun für den Einflug in die Thermik eingestellt werden. Unter Einstellungen/Trace kann der Autozoom eingestellt werden.


  • Löst ein Problem, dass unter bestimmten Bedingung eine fehlerhafte Luftraumwarnung ausgibt
  • Erweiterte Übersetzungen

Resolves issue that could cause instrument to not startup.
Corrected wind direction arrow.

New Critical Airspace browser in the main menu shows list of near aispaces.
Several bug corrections
Airspace rendering improved.
New inverse titles .
Detecting start of flight improved, now requires speed threshold to be passed and +-0.3m/s average rate of climb/sink to start.
New data field CTRname displays name of airspace causing the warning.
New Pop-up alert messages.
Heart rate monitor (Heart-G) new function triggers a warning when pulse passes a defined threshold.

Added new data field "Thermal Duration" counts time spent in recent thermal.
Added new data field, "Thermal Perfomance" shows average rate of climb in recent thermal.
Resolves bug which would cause Maxpunkte not to get 3d position fixes from the instrument track log.

Trace plots climb in darker lines.
Added track-up on task map.
New page browser allows switching between pages through a menu, also allows pages to be enabled or disabled directly on the instrument.
Start gates now take safety margin into account.
Expanded airspace storage capacity four fold.
Several minor bug corrections and translation improvements.

Pilot track realtime trace on task map.
Autozoom on trace when in thermal.
Temperature units can now be set to fahrenheit or celsius independently.
RF probe pairing improved.
Fixes bug where airspace was incorrectly reporting the pilot was in a polygon.

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